Three Weeks Until A One-Star Night Releases! Oh the Places She Will Go...

by - 2:47 PM

Well, it's here,  it's real, and it's on the shelf next to Billy Collins' The Trouble with Poetry where it belongs.  I love it.  I can't wait until it can be on your shelves too starting September 2!

Today I am thinking about where all this little book of mine is going to go.  As the pre-orders roll in, I try to imagine the scene on the receiving side of it.  So far I've seen it being read under a rainy front porch in Washington, on top of arid red cliffs in Utah, out on a flat, prairie lawn in Illinois, on a cicada-humming back deck in North Carolina, etc. etc.  And all of that makes me just a little giddy.

Probably most mind-blowing is the realization that this little work of mine will have its very own spot in the Library of Congress next month.  The LIBRARY OF CONGRESS.  Nearly all of the greatest, most influential books known to man lie within those walls. And there will be my little A One-Star Night, shy and bashful like a new kid in class. But I hope she grows strong and proves herself.  And I hope people love her as I do.

Don't forget, she's available for pre-order now!  Click here to access Amazon's preorder page.

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