Musings (and a Little Poetry) on Maine

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Colorful lobster buoys as viewed from the bridge between Portsmouth, NH & Kittery, ME.
"Yes, I admit once before
I'd crossed the bridge 
Over from Portsmouth
And immediately I downshifted
To a more comfortable pace
"The way life should be"
Graciously greeted by
The contently hanging rainbow
Of Lobster buoys
Warren's low shack full 
Of their job well done
On the other side.

As I said, I've been there once
And anyone who knows, knows
Visiting once is like
Eating once, breathing once
You get the picture
About once."
-an excerpt from "On Going to Maine, Then Not" by Sonja Ciotti

Last May, Zak and I visited Manchester, New Hampshire, for my graduation ceremony at Southern New Hampshire University, from which I earned my Master of Science in Marketing degree.  What a gorgeous time of the year it was there having reached the point of spring that North Carolina had already passed by six weeks earlier.  The weather was still fitful, trying to decide if it wanted to sleet or swelter, but with the blooms and the gloomy clouds alike, it was all beautiful.

Zak and I decided while we were so close, we might as well drive up to Maine and cross off our list another state we both had never visited.  Plus, Zak had struck up a conversation with a native Mainer a few weeks earlier on a business flight who swore that if we didn't do anything else in this life, we would die happy people if we visited the Lobster Shack at Cape Elizabeth, ME.  So, off we drove, headed for the Maine coast!

When we arrived at the Lobster Shack, we parked in their parking lot at the edge of the world on a rocky coast between two lighthouses (I know, right?  Could it have been more quintessentially Maine?!) and dodged chilly raindrops as we ran inside the shack.  The lobster rolls were listed along with everything else offered there on one of those old fashioned white menu boards with the little removable red plastic letters.  The price beside the lobster roll read "Market Value," but we thought, "Hey if this is one of those bucket list experiences, then to heck with the cost!"  And $32 later (gulp) we had our famous lobster rolls at last.  Only...

...yeah they were this big.  $32.  Don't get me wrong, they were great!  And after we ate them in two bites we went to go fill up on Wendy's chili and salads down the road :)

To sum it all up, the time we spent in Maine was gorgeous, beautiful, and not nearly long enough.  I've been planning our return trip since practically the moment we got back!  A couple of weeks ago after some careful/spontaneous planning I arranged everything for us to go again.  And in fact we would just be returning today from our second trip to it turns out, there was a film shoot through our work for which the date couldn't be changed.  Womp womp.

So in honor of our tragic missed opportunity to visit Maine for the second time, I wrote a poem entitled "On Going to Maine, Then Not" that will be featured in my book, coming out this Fall!  You'll laugh, you'll cry.  I mostly did the latter. :)

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