Circle Back: An Ode to Corporate Jargon. Because, Why Not.

by - 4:29 PM

Business jargon. Also known as corporate lingo, management speak, or commercialese, this strange vernacular has found its way into the everyday lives of ordinary working people (like me), much to their own disdain.  When I was in business school in pursuit of my master's in marketing, I noticed right away how annoying and sometimes downright creepy some of the jargon found in "today's workplace" seemed to be. I give you the following eye-roll inducing examples:

- "We're going to just have to open the kimono with these guys."
Translation: We are going to have to be transparent about what we're doing.

-"I think we just need to peel the onion on this."
Translation: Let's go through the issues one at a time until we discover the real problem.

Or how about all of those stupid word conglomerations that don't mean anything useful?


Or calling things like big data software or plastic wrap dispensers "sexy" when, yeah, they're not?

So, what do I do with weird, creepy, annoying words like those found in office talk?  Write poetry with them, obviously.  Here's a snippet of my latest, an ode to as many bits of jargon I could fit into the 33 lines of my poem entitled "Circle Back," featured in my upcoming poetry collection to be published this fall.

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  1. Just read this poem in A One-Star Night and was going to share it on LinkedIn (with a comment like, "All of LinkedIn's vocabulary in a single poem?" hehe), but I see it's not available in full online to link to. No worries.

    Really enjoying your collection, by the way. I hope you start blogging again.

    Chris (